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Ahena castle

Local History

There are ruins of a Norman castle in Dixon's land. It is situated in the centre of Ahena. Bounded on the north by the townlands of Knockgraffy and Maltpool, on the east by Polldrian townland, on the south by Carramore townland, and west by the townlands of Devlin and Cloonaugh. It is said that there were Heaneys living in the castle and that is how Ahena got its name. Before that, there were MacMorrises living in the castle. A great wall ran right around the grounds of the castle

One side of that wall is now partly down. There was a square tower. One of the walls was loop holed for musketry and there are also the ruins of another tower of defence to seen. The main gate house had a drawbridge for riders and wagons to cross over. Inside were a portcullis and a gate. There was a spiral staircase, curving to the right to expose an attacker’s unshielded side. Ahena castle was very strong and not easy to attack. Attackers would have to use a battering ram to make a hole in the wall.

The photo shows what the ruins of a Norman Castle could look like.

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